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Sorry for the delay, we had some busy days over here! It´s picking up speed. Dennis is currently on the road heading from trade fair to trade fair all across europe, whilst Renato is shooting render after render for the current projects. Peter has moved to Japan for an exchange semester and we introduced Elton as new DARQVIZ nomad into the studio crew.

Online meetings that span 4 continents are becoming the norm. We´re hyped!



April was all about lighting. Somehow we simultaneously worked on 2 projects for 2 lighting companies both from our neighboring country Belgium. We started our studio 2020 thinking that real estate and architecture is what we´ll be doing. Back then we could not have imagined to get into product design. We did not even know that this is a thing. I guess that´s what it´s all about, choosing a path to follow and then new unexpected opportunities come up. We really enjoy working with our dear friends from edendesign and supermodular, its a harmonious collaboration with shared design values. For now most images are not yet released to the public so we can only give you a approved sneak peek on what´s to come:



Because projects are exceeding our capacity bit by bit, we have been scouting all over the world for the perfect match to become part of DARQVIZ.

Let us introduce our first nomad in the crew: the Rocket Man. From nowhere less then Maputo, Mozambique, Elton shoots with incomparable visualization quality and supports the studio with top-notch renderings. While studying Architecture in Poland Elton was introduced to the world of 3D-Art, that he now understands as his calling. With a strong conviction that CG can change the world he complements our design teams aspiration. Elton does not only introduce a new continent but also the 4th language - portuguese - into our nomad studio. Bem-vindo!

You can read Eltons full interview on the studio section on our homepage.



We´re one of the 100 finalists at the One Rendering Challange presented by world leading architectural platform Architizer.

Just a few weeks ago we got recognized at our first competition and now this happens. Out of 257 insanely inspiring rendering entrants we made it into the TOP100.

This competition is all about impactful storytelling. Criteria are communication, aesthetics and impact.

That´s exactly what our passion project "Fainted Hope" was inspired in. We poured our heart into that one single image to tell a story about injustice and make others reflect on horrible situations in not only Kabul but many places around the globe.

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