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There is a lot to catch up! Much has happened those last weeks. We welcomed 10 brand ambassadors into our DARQVIZ family, established new partnerships with innovative companies and won our first ever recognition at an international visualization award.



We have set foot in Switzerland. Our friend Marc, director at BRICKS AG, asked us to help him convince his clients of the design of the prefabricated bathrooms for a housing development in Bale. As the prefab cubes are individualized for each project, but the fabricators do not provide high end visualizations, we where asked to craft photorealistic renderings so that the client do get a better understanding of how the bathrooms will look like in reality. For us it was not an easy task, creating visualizations of a relatively small concrete cube with no windows containing the bathroom, but it turned out that the results were a powerful tool for the decision making process in the planning stage.



This has been coming for quite some time. We finally launched our voluntary brand ambassador program. Inspired by the big companies, the DAP (DARQVIZ Ambassador Program) is our approach to engage with the ones who believe in us. The response of our network was overwhelming and we immediately found 10 DARQVIZ family members that want to stand up for what we do and represent our studio to spread the word. As of this week, we equipped our ambassadors with proper DARQVIZ wear and personalized business cards which means, that they are now ready to rumble. Get to know the Crew! Don´t hesitate to get in touch, everyone of them is a great character and will help you with whatever you need.



Our work officially got recognized by a renown architectural jury at the Arch Out Loud´s international Render of the Year Award.

Not just one but freaking two of our projects have been honored as Directors Choice in the categories Interior Award and Young Designer Award.

Receiving such a recognition means the world to us and everything we built with DARQVIZ until now! There´s a lot ahead and we´re on fire! 🔥

Thank you for all the support!

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