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This past month we had bunch of work on our table, super interesting projects we could be part of, a bright forecast for the coming months and a good time as a crew, we feel more than honored to be able to do what we love. We literally hit the jackpot.



Summer is approaching, Who´s ready for some vacation? This project focus we´ll keep it short and we´ll just let you picture yourself in this gorgeous CG-Scene. We almost made it, hold on!



As a fresh member in the Swiss Circle we received a warm welcoming at our first event where innovative prop techs and big players came together to discuss the future of real estate.

It´s an honour for us to become part of the Swiss Circle Network, because here leading companies in AEC and innovative startups come together to brainstorm on how to improve the built environment and processes that lay its foundation. We´re excited to help that vision.

We´re Looking forward to die Immobilienrunde in September!



We´re are 3D Artist of the Month! Once Again we had the honor to be featured in an interview with RebusFarm, the first sustainable RenderFarm celebrated by thousands of CG-Artists around the world for their outstanding service and wonderful community. We already got the chance to introduce ourselves last year in a super interesting chat with Julian from RebusFarm. As over time we became part of the RebusFamily they now wanted to follow up on how our story continued and whats on the roadmap for the coming months.

A lot has happened since the last time we met, and we´re happy to be able to share that excitiing update with the RebusCommunity. We´re glad to share the full interview with now!

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