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Generally we would give you a monthly update on what has happened inside the DARQVIZ halls, but this month just does not feel like it´s important. War has started and as all of you we deeply feel affected by it. That´s why we want to use this months review as a DARQVIZ statement to what is going on in the Ukraine right now.


Probably the actual happenings have been in the planning from the aggressor for a long time and maybe they could have even been predicted. But as everyone usually concentrates on their own issues, this was definitely shocking to the vast majority. It feels surreal, because since the last War in Europe ended almost a century ago, young people as we are, do not relate to it in a sense we should. For most of us here in Europe, war is far away, in time and place. We think Europe has had it´s wars and has learned from them. Peace is assumed to be a normality.

But it´s not.

As long as humans in this world seek power over love, war will exist. And while for the ones leading, it´s about the influence they aim to gain, most of humans involved will suffer. On all sides.

We all see the terrible footage of what is going on in the Ukraine right now. While children die of bombings in Kyiv, we´re paralyzed and it feels like our hands are tied. We brainstormed on how to help, but as a young start-up we neither have money to donate nor time to spare. The only thing we can do then is create awareness throughout our community.

That´s what this letter is about. It´s not the news that you see on TV, it´s the words we as passively share among each other. Because keeping them to us hurts.

Ukrainians are fleeing from their own country, because they fear death and for most of us, normal life continues as nothing would have changed. That´s the reality and we can be honest about it. It´s difficult to help the affected directly, but therefore it´s even more important to help the bigger issue. Educate ourselves, talk about it, create awareness, and put pressure on the people in power.

Our newest team member, Elton, which will be introduced publicly soon, felt deeply connected to the happenings, as he once studied in Ukraine's neighboring country Poland. He still has friends there and so the war although he´s living far away in Mozambique now, emotionally showed up right at his doorstep. Elton could not resist but to share his feeling using his skills to craft an impactful piece of CG-Art:


Elton Fernando

Please feel free to use this work for any positive purpose, whether it´s for yourself by just looking at it and reflecting on the situation or taking it to grow awareness around the humans in your reach. Actually rather then giving you permission to feel free to make use of it, we beg you from the bottom of our hearts to do so.

Stand with Ukraine

Love over Fear



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