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This past month of May we´ve been everywhere, we´ve seen it all. We moved across Europe and visited fair after fair to spread the word of DARQVIZ whilst simultaneously having team meeting across 4 continents working on projects in 4 different countries. Long train rides lead to inspiring connections with new friends and future partners. Trade fair season is over now, we get back to work.



As Elton joined DARQVIZ to support us with the increasing workload everything becomes bigger. While Renato focuses on our existing collaborations in Belgium, Germany and Austria, Elton now takes responsibility for the projects in Switzerland, where we just set foot. Sending files from Belgium to Mozambique an back or having project meetings between the Dominican Republic, Germany and Austria are on the daily Agenda. Our international Nomad studio still is an experiment but it already has proven to be functioning just as good if not better than any other normal studio based in one location. The result speaks for itself:



Trade Fairs are like flowers, just as winter ends and spring starts, they bloom and flourish.

As of this year, covid was no restriction to events anymore, trade fares we´re back on the schedule again. We´ll for us it was the first time, because DARQVIZ was founded just when the pandemic started. Highly motivated to finally go out and meet people in real life, we took every chance we could get. Our CEO Dennis visited 5 fairs in 4 countries in May alone:

- architect@work in Munich, Germany -

- Swissbau in Basel, Switzerland -

- Blickfang in Basel, Switzerland -

- Klimahouse in Bolzano, Italy -

- Häuslbauermesse in Innsbuck, Austria -

It was exciting and we´re grateful for the chance to connect all those fairs. We´re looking forward to next season!



Have you ever had a meeting across 4 continents? It was definitely the first time for us since a few weeks ago and it was fun! Different time zones, different moods, different cultures, clashed together in one virtual room, that´s what DARQVIZ is about:

- Renato telling a joke about a lumberjack, Dominican Republic, 8:56, UTC -04:00

- Elton laughing out loud, Mozambique, 14:56, UTC +02:00

- Dennis, a lumberjack, Germany, 14:56, UTC +01:00

- Peter ready to sleep, Japan, 21:56, UTC +09:00

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