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our world is an injust place and too many humans suffer every single day. we are aware of that and want to use our priviliged position to help with what is in our hands. to create a world without frontiers is deep within our studios dna.

artistic expression

At the core of our art lies the expression of emotions, aiming to touch the hearts of those who engage with it.

Amid the crisis in Kabul, our young studio felt a deep sense of helplessness, but determined to help to make a difference. Despite our own financial struggles in that time, we channeled our emotions into a powerful piece of art to raise awareness on this gruesome happening and make a positive impact.


the luminary is always the protagonist - also in our virtual studio setup.

being able to adjust a textures appearance within seconds, gives us full control over the materialization of the product. it must be less glossy and more mate? no problem, we got you. the metal is brushed instead of anodized? no problem, we got you. the color needs to be slightly darker? no problem, we got you.

social responsibility

As global citizens, we recognize the world's problems and strongly feel the responsibility to help

At the core of our studio's mission is a deep commitment to making a positive impact in the world. In 2022, we put our words into action by providing financial support to the Banhine Solar project, rallying our community to help cover 10% of the financing. Thanks to the great effort of cucomo, the children in Banhine, Mozambique, can now enjoy the gift of education under the artificial light of the freshly installed solar system.


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