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also the heavy machinery industry needs to level up their marketing game to stay up front. as early adopters weiss world has understood that and is seeking a way to make their heavy products levitate, but how do you do that?


complex products need a highly detailed explanation.

as architects we are used to highly technical input, venturing into mechanical engineering opened up another field where cgi is the key to success. to explain how heavy machines work, we have to fight the laws of physics and explode a complex system into every single nut virtually so we can get the best view.


technical engineering meets crazy design concepts. let's do it.

the challenge to make heavy machinery look light and soft really made us step out of our comfort zone and explore new ways of product visualization. thanks to the creative freedom that our partner in crime weiss is constantly granting us we are able to go completely nuts with our imagination. the results speak for themselves. what do you think?


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