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exterior stills cgi

architecture is usually a singular prototype that´s tailored to the specific needs of its future inhabitants, but how do you evoke an actual emotion with something that´s not built yet?


switching from photography to cgi is a concious decision to more creative freedom paired with a boost in efficiency

together as a team we work on crafting hyper-realistic renderings and animations to present modulars lighting products in the most creative way possible. thanks to our unlimited possibilities within the virtual space we can explore interior design concepts without the need to actually build them. this freedom also allows us to produce a high quantity of digital product applications in a relatively short amount of time.


the luminary is always the protagonist - also in our virtual studio setup.

being able to adjust a textures appearance within seconds, gives us full control over the materialization of the product. it must be less glossy and more mate? no problem, we got you. the metal is brushed instead of anodized? no problem, we got you. the color needs to be slightly darker? no problem, we got you.


moving images always win over static ones. That´s a fact.

having already set up the scenery within the virtual space, why not move the camera a little? taking advantage of the previous work we do a deep dive into animation and move our cameras to bring the image to life. this is the supreme discipline of cgi.



cgi stills & production shots, animation art direction, cgi & production

involved individuals

astrid de couvrier
renato aguilar
lucas taquary
elton fernando
dima tsaryovf
ola oyedeji
dennis grimm

häring -
wooden living