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DARQVIZ is a collective of interdisciplinary architecture professionals. With influences from different specialisations and cultural backgrounds, we form a team that combines its know-how in an optimal and balanced way to craft outstanding CGI imagery.



The Artist that is giving every single visualization that leaves our desk his personal touch. That´s Renato. He is the creative genius, the dedicated late night worker, the inspirational designer of our output. As Guatemalan he graduated as Architect in Mexico but now lives in the Dominican Republic. You can guess that his career is anything but conventional. So is Renato´s Passion for the craft of impactful CGI. He is responsible for breathing life into our images.

What´s your biggest dream?
Study a Master´s Degree in Interior Design in Italy

What do you feel passionate about?Rendering, Games, Running and Dancing

Where would you timetravel to, if possible?
2018 when I was living in Colombia

You had a tough day at work, what now?Video games, Movies, Exercising, Sleeping

Is black a color to you?

Salty or sweet?

Hot or Cold?

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You know how to play backgammon?
I only played once. Guess who won ;)

What do you do to find peace?
Meditate, run, eat and sleep.

Skip one discipline in a triathlon, which?
I float rather then swimming sporty.

Ever tried an Ice Bath?
YES! An insane experience, that definitely put me on survival mode. 

Left of right handed?
Righthanded, but goofy on a snowboard.

Citytrip or Hiking a Mountain?
I mean, I live in the Austrian Alps.

You´re a fan of...?
Mac Miller - RIP

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As visionary and puppetmaster, Dennis is responsible to keep the strings together, venture into untouched fields of business and coordinate the daily business. His background in various construction and architecture environments makes our renderings even "statically reinforced". He´s developing DARQVIZ since day 1 and will not stop until we´re at the top. The "mountain" is high but Dennis knows that with the right mindset and sophistication we will make it up there. 

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Currently studying International Business in Tokyo, Japan, Peters function as realist, strategic thinker and economist is essential to form our young enterprises spirit. He´s the one asking the difficult questions to prevent problems before they can occur. Financial and Legal subjects are overseen by Peter so that the rest of the team can run operations smoothly without having to worry about bureaucracy. 

Have you ever been to Africa?
Yes, South Africa was one of the most beautiful countries I ever visited.

Beer or wine?
Definitely wine after some beers.

What is the meaning of life to you?
Spending my time with people I love.

Beatles or Tupac Shakur?
100% Tupac.

Would you do Helibungee?
It´s on the list.

Which meal would you eat for the rest of your life, if you had to choose?
Homemade Tacos by Dennis!

Which Language would you love to speak?
Probably Arabic or Chinese.


Our newest nomad in the crew: the Rocket Man. From nowhere less then Maputo, Mozambique, Elton shoots with incomparable visualization quality and supports the studio with top-notch renderings. While studying Architecture in Poland Elton was introduced to the world of 3D-Art, that he now understands as his calling. With a strong conviction that CG can change the world he complements our design teams aspiration. Elton does not only introduce a new continent but also the 4th language - portuguese - into our nomad studio. Bem-vindo!

What´s your dream destination to travel to?
It’s between Japan and New York. 

Video Games or Outdoor Sports?
Video Games.

What do you think is malfunctioning in our global society?
Pollution, poverty and violence. 

Vray or Corona Renderer?
Corona Renderer

What's your shoesize?
EUR 45

In which city will you live in 3 years from now?
I have no idea, but hopefully not where I’m currently living. 

Cooking or ordering food?
Cooking (not me tho🤣)

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POST LUCAS (1).png

Who has inspired you ever since?
Mom and dad... and Ronaldo Fenômeno

Is Capirinha actually a thing in Brasil?
Yes! I'm actually drinking one while I answer this quiz

AC/DC or Pink Floyd?

Would you join a mission to mars?
Just waiting for my ticket

Which is your favorite building on this planet?
It is between The Pyramids of Giza and the Parthenon

What makes you an artist?
I often ask myself the same question... I'll let you guys know when I find out

What´s your morning routine?
Bread and eggs, coffee, read, work... in that order


Lucas joined the team to bring brazil onto the DARQVIZ world map and to complement our ambitions with some fresh ideas of from the land of Anders´ CG Talents. Mostly working on interior and architectural visualization he introduces state of the art techniques on the latest rendering software. When he´s not focusing on CGI, you can find him for sure on a rock festival or concert somewhere around his hometown Brasilia. 


In order to guarantee the image quality of our interiors also for the exteriors, we teamed up with two of the world's best visualization studios to be able to provide a complete project presentation while still keeping our DARQVIZ handwriting.



Crafting high end architectural renderings in their visualization lab in Bratislava, Slovakia, Subpixel has already reached the top of CGI Artistry. With over 13.000 Followers on instagram the community of "subpixlers" is growing fast. Jan and his Team are not only technically educated but also have the eye for design that every CG Artist is striving for. We feel honored to count Subpixel into our partner network and to be able to collaborate on a regular basis.

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The Bali-based visualization studio Polynates began it´s journey back in 2008 and has provided renown architects like Belzberg, UNStudio and DeluganMeissl with outstanding CGI. Sharing the same vision, that renderings shall not purely present a project but rather tell an inspiring narrative gives our partnership a strong foundation in believes. Not only did we find a strategic partner in Rio and his team but also did we get the chance to built an actual friendship throughout our collaboration. 

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Just click&drag us to wherever you need us! 



Kicking off 2022 we introduced 10 voluntary Brand-Ambassadors into our new Program aiming to help us spread the word and grow our DARQVIZ Family.

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