DARQVIZ is a collective of interdisciplinary architecture professionals. With influences from different specialisations and cultural backgrounds, we form a team that combines its know-how in an optimal and balanced way to craft outstanding CGI imagery.



The foundation for the founders' longstanding collaboration and friendship lies far back in the early summer of 2019. Renato had already left his home country, the dominican republic, behind to study architecture abroad, Radames had just graduated in architecture from the Tecnologico de Monterrey, and Dennis decided to start his career with an experience overseas after graduating in construction management from university in Germany. As fate would have it, we all found ourselves working in an experimental architecture firm in Guadalajara, Mexico. So here we were, working side by side for the very first time, coming up with the craziest ideas. However, it wasn't long before our paths diverged due to various life situations. While Radames and Dennis moved to Europe, Renato stayed in Mexico. But that is by no means the end of the story.


Although we were now thousands of kilometers apart, we were in regular contact and philosophized about ways to continue working together despite the distances. And there was the moment of clarity. It was almost too easy, but we understood that architecture is universal and that the technological advances of the last few years had made digital collaboration possible for us. We wanted to Distrupt Architectural Visualizations with new approaches. DARQVIZ was born. Hand in hand with the vision of founding a global visualization studio, DARQ, an architecture firm based in Mexico, also developed into a complementary part of our project. With the official establishment of DARQVIZ in June 2020, we began to turn the idea into reality. The combination of video game software and architecture should bring a drastic change in the construction industry and we are convinced that this is exactly where the future of architecture visualization lies.


As very young founders, we had a lot to learn in the first few weeks and months. While we were concentrating on the development of our core product, the interactive tours, we also worked out internal processes, office organization and external communication. We quickly realized that we are not looking for customers but rather for lasting partners based on trust and confidence. To step out of the darq to become a respected visualization office that supports projects with its know-how and ideas was no easy undertaking, but everything can be achieved with the necessary strength of will. Since then we have been leaving our comfort zone frequently to drive innovative projects, to add new skills and services to our portfolio and to every day become a little better at what we love doing. 


We have just celebrated our one-year anniversary and we´re looking back on an incomparable year and many experiences and unforgettable moments. With a proud view at what we have achieved so far, we look to the future and see new chapter with opportunities to break new grounds and disrupt the undisrupted.

Our story has only just begun!

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radames douriet
renato aguilar
dennis grimm
peter michaelis


Our workflow follows a sequence of steps that guarantee an efficient process to meet the projects expectations. 


Collective Project Briefing

Joint analysis and definition of the scope of work to assure a precise execution.


Review&Rework of Previews

The created visuals are checked for accuracy, whereupon the last details are adjusted.


Approval&Rendering of Finals

The final high quality visuals will be rendered upon approval.

"A collaboration in which we feel so understood with our ideas of design and aesthetics is rarely as pleasant as with DARQVIZ Studio. The guys have an excellent eye for details, image composition and contemporary design. Communication was fast, clear and to the point - how a vision becomes reality - thank you very much, we are looking forward to further projects with you!"

Ferdinand Krämer

Founder & Head of Design — WYE GmbH