Go-to-market without a product (feat. V-ZUG)

How we synchronize content production with product development to launch and market in real time.

V-ZUG's new CombiAir oven is still in the design phase with final approvals pending, and the launch date is rapidly approaching. Traditional marketing methods are inadequate—they depend on having a finished product in hand. How can you effectively market a product that is continuously evolving and not yet finalized?

real-time content production

As the product design evolves, we simultaneously update the previously created content.

CGI technology offers the perfect solution by providing the flexibility needed in such dynamic scenarios. With CGI, we can create and adjust marketing materials in real-time, matching every design iteration. This allows for early and effective marketing, enabling customer feedback to influence the product development, ensuring a perfect market fit at launch.

ultimate flexibility

You can keep updating content forever because virtual staging doesn't have any physical limits.

Virtual staging offers unmatched flexibility compared to traditional physical setups. Since everything is digital, you can update or change the visuals at any time without physical restrictions or costs. This means you can continually refine and adjust your content to stay current with trends, feedback, or new ideas, ensuring your marketing always looks fresh and relevant.


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