80% Reduction of Shooting Costs (feat. de Sede)

How we reduced production costs by 80%.

It´s winter in switzerland and de Sede is about to launch an outdoor furniture series for yacht owners and holiday homes. To properly showcase the design the idea is to fly the products into a warm place, rent a super-yacht, hire a complete creative team for the shooting. The budget explodes.

virtual summer, virtual yacht, virtual shoot

Why don´t we build a virtual space that ticks all the boxes? No need to fly out anything!

We bought a 3D-Model of a yacht for 85 Euros, and placed it in a simulated ocean before the virtual setup of the italian coast. The products have been shipped within seconds as CAD-Data. This has all been done by one single artist at one single computer. From the creative storyboard to the post production, no big production team needed anymore.


the luminary is always the protagonist - also in our virtual studio setup.

being able to adjust a textures appearance within seconds, gives us full control over the materialization of the product. it must be less glossy and more mate? no problem, we got you. the metal is brushed instead of anodized? no problem, we got you. the color needs to be slightly darker? no problem, we got you.

virtual cost reduction

Cost savings on the virtual production are straight forward: No Logistic, No Yacht, No On-Site Team

The cost savings associated with virtual production are clear and impactful. By eliminating the need for logistics, avoiding expensive venue rentals like yachts, and foregoing on-site teams, companies can significantly reduce their production expenses. This streamlined approach not only cuts costs but also simplifies the production process, allowing for more flexibility and efficiency


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