Forget location hunting (feat. Modular Lighting)

How one single artist builds and shoots 10 architectural spaces a month.

Launching new products requires high-impact visuals. Without existing real-world installations, it's a challenge to effectively display products in varied architectural environments. We skipped the exhausting location scouting and logistical headaches by building virtual spaces non-stop.

interior staging maschinery

switching from photography to cgi is a concious decision to skyrocket efficiency in content production.

together as a team we work on crafting hyper-realistic renderings and animations to present modulars lighting products in the most creative way possible. thanks to our unlimited possibilities within the virtual space we can explore interior design concepts without the need to actually build them. this freedom also allows us to produce a high quantity of digital product applications in a relatively short amount of time.

production time

Thanks to our virtual staging approach, we can reduce production time by a factor of 5.

We can build any space you imagine — inside, outside, from beaches to deserts — without the need for physical staging. Our use of advanced virtual environments allows us to construct scenes more efficiently, significantly reducing production time. We enhance productivity by up to 5x, enabling quicker and more effective project completion."

low input, high output

Through this collaboration, Modular was able to showcase their products in over 300 architectural spaces, none of which needed to be built in reality.

Modular's virtual spaces offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing for continuous customization without the constraints of physical locations. Since there's no need to rent these spaces, adjustments can be made indefinitely to suit evolving marketing needs, ensuring each presentation is perfectly tailored to its audience.


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